Things From July

July seemed to pass by without me really noticing. It was hot and I spent most of it struggling to sleep and struggling even more to dress for the weather. Summer clothing is not my forte. 


Ever the fan of layering, I somehow managed to fit my favourite shirt into at least 90% of all outfits. This New Look offering from last year accompanied everything from strappy dresses, skirts, trousers. You name it, I managed to make it work. We could argue that given the heat, it definitely wasn't necessary, but it did make my outfits better. I promise.

Always late to the party (but impeccably timed to everything else in life) I've been loving Essie's Watermelon. The perfect colour for my toes, and fingers on the days I'm not working.

Lastly, the other week I discovered these amazing prints by Teacup Pirahna. As soon as a spied the Tangled one, I knew I had to have it. I'm in the process of chaining around my room, and these are going to make the perfect accompaniment.

Now here's a to a new month, a holiday and yet another birthday. Happy August.