Tis the Season

I'm not sure how it happened. Somehow it's four sleeps 'til Christmas and I've got this far without so much as a nod to the festive season on here.

Usually I'm on full festive form, snapping away with my camera at everything from trees to wrapping to my Christmas nail art. I've definitely been getting 'in the spirit' and all that away from the internet though.

I've tried (emphasis on the word tried) to put together gingerbread house. I'll warn you now, because no one warned me; they're tricky, the icing is awful and don't even attempt to move it once you've assembled it. Mine ended up looking as though there had been a pretty violent storm. 

On a more positive gingerbread note, I managed to successfully bake gingerbread. It went so well that I actually made a second batch to give as gifts. Here's hoping no one sees in the New Year with food poisoning. 

I'm now sat in bed with Christmas candles burning - I've turned into one of those obsessive candle people - and I'm debating which Christmas film to watch later on.

I suppose this was just me, popping in to acknowledge Christmas. Just in case anyone was worried I'd forgotten. If I'm not around before, because let's face it my presence here has definitely been lacking lately, then Merry Christmas!