The 'To-Read' List: Chapter Two

It's been almost two weeks since I returned from my holiday with tons more freckles, slightly less pale and with four more books under my belt. There's nothing much better than sitting in the sun with nothing else to do but lose yourself in a good book.

I managed to get through The Girl Who Just Appeared by Johnathan Harvey, The Help by Kathryn Stockett, Elizabeth is Missing by Emma Healy and Bridget Jones' Diary by Helen Fielding.

I though I'd gone against my rules by re-reading Bridget Jones, but I soon realised it was actually The Edge of Reason that I had read before, so no metaphorical points lost there.

All were enjoyable books, but I really really loved The Help. I watched the film a few months back and thought it was fantastic, and the book definitely surpassed my expectations. I would definitely recommend it to anyone. I tend to stick to the same genre of books so it wouldn't usually be on my list, so glad I gave it a chance.

So there we have it, another four brand new books read. Now to decide what to read next. 


The 'To-Read' List: Chapter One

I love books. I love the smell of them, I love reading them, and I love how nice they look lined up on my shelf. Sadly, a lot of my books spend more time lined up on my shelf looking pretty, and not enough time actually being read.  Maybe it's because I have too many, but the list of books that are on my mental 'to-read' list just keeps getting longer.

I'm a creature of habit, I don't like change, so more often than not I find myself re-reading old favourites to avoid any nasty surprises. I've decided it's time to change that. I'm making a promise to myself to only ready books I haven't read before*. My mental list has turned into a physical list, and I'm going to start reading new things. 

The majority of books that I have yet to read are recommendations from my mum, so fingers crossed they'll be good as she only gives me the great ones. 

In order to make sure I stick to this, I'll be documenting it all over here, and rambling about the books I've managed to finish. Now it's in writing, I have to do it.

By the time you're reading this, I'll be on a plane on my way to a week of nothing but reading by a pool, so I should be off to a good start. Let's see how it goes.


*Harry Potter doesn't count. I re-read it every summer.