I did it again

I have a bad habit of getting my blogging mojo back for a few posts, then disappearing, and it would seem I've done it again.

Since my last post, which feels like eons ago, I've done a couple of things of note. First up I went to see Arctic Monkeys in Finsbury Park. Fantastic as always, but I don't think outside gigs are really for me, and god forbid I ever end up at a festival.

After that it was McBusted for the second time. Amazing both times but possibly even better the second. It was definitely a treat seeing my two favourite bands (I'm never one to deny that Busted are still my fave more than 10 years on) within days of each other. It also turns out that on the drive home we were driving behind their tour bus, only to realise a day later. Whoops.

I'm off to Corfu for five days a week today, and I cannot wait. All the trips I went on last year were quite 'on the go' sightseeing ones, so lazing around by the pool whilst reading a few good books is definitely overdue.

If you hadn't noticed, I started to move away from outfit post. I realised standing in my garden posing for a camera just wasn't for me, and I have yet to find a new way to showcase what I'm wearing. I miss posting about my clothes, I just need to work out a way to do it.

Ideally I'd like a big white wall with lots of hooks, which would be perfect for hanging clothes on and photographing. In reality, I have sloping walls and lots of wallpaper/clutter, so it's not happening anytime soon.

I suppose this was just a quick one to let you all know I'm still here. Let's hope I stick around for more than one post.