Things I Like: Mugs (and cups)

It's no secret, if you follow my instagram anyway, that I am a big fan of mugs. In fact up until recently, I wasn't aware you could get a 'mug fan', but you can, and one looks like me.

In the past few months I seem to have accumulated at least 8 new mugs, and these aren't communal mugs. No. These are mugs that sit on a unit that is now solely dedicated to my mug collection. Considering I still live it home, and there's already a cupboard full of perfectly nice, attractive mugs, my collection may seem a little excessive. 

It's not just limited to mugs. I think I've started to branch out into glassware too. The beautiful coloured glasses pictured come from Tesco. At £1 each and four more colours not in my possession, I'm not going to stop until I have them all.

Good news. When I eventually do move out, I definitely won't want for something to drink out of.

It's not just the mugs that you can see here. As I type I am currently drinking tea from a Tangled mug, a heart covered mug sits waiting to be washed up, and a couple more are sat in the dishwasher. I need to be stopped.

I'm Fern and I'm a mugaholic. 

Mugs in order of appearance: Initial Mug - Gifts & Pieces, Princess Mug - Tesco, Beatrix Potter Mugs - TX Maxx, Teacup - Topshop, Ariel Mug - Disney Store, Owl & Pussy Cat Mugs - Gift, Face Mug - Oliver Bonas