I've Been Reading: Bed by David Whitehouse

I've been spending a good 5 hours a week on trains, meaning I've suddenly got a lot more time to read again. Not that I didn't have time before, but being without internet connection for a few hours really has its bonuses. I've got so many books on my 'must read' list, and now I'm slowly managing to work my way through them. Therefore, just incase any of you need a little book inspiration, I thought I'd do some quick fire reviews of what I've been reading.
"Every family has a story. Mal was ours."

I got given Bed by David Whitehouse for my birthday back in May last year, and had absolutely no idea what it was about upon starting it. 

Without giving too much away, it centres around the lives of two brothers. Mal, who weighs at least 100 stone, has not left his bed in over fifteen years. As a child he liked to take his clothes off in public. His younger brother, the narrator of the story, goes unnamed throughout the whole book and has spent his life living in Mal's shadow.

The story flicks between the present day and the brother's childhood. I'd say that it was quite refreshing picking up a book and knowing nothing about it. I really enjoy stories about childhood, and I really enjoyed seeing Mal and his brother grow up throughout the book. The constant changing between past and present definitely left me longing to know exactly how Mal ended up in bed.

It focuses on how Mal's decision has affected the family. His mother spends all her time caring and tending to Mal. His father spends all his time in the attic. His brother is hopelessly in love with Mal's girlfriend.

The chapters in this book are pretty short. Telling myself 'just one more chapter' really led to me reading four or five more chapters, before eventually putting the book down.

I managed to finish this book over the space of two train journeys, and thoroughly enjoyed it. I'd definitely recommend as it's quite an easy read, but interesting and well written.