Hello New Things

Apparently it's the weekend again and I'm not entirely sure how. Given that I can't recall anything of note from this week, apart from a fantastic game of Disney monopoly, my This Week's Loves post is not happening. Instead I'm treating you to a little life update - aka a mindless ramble from me.

As of Monday, I get to spend two days a week in Bristol for the next three months. I'll be staying with my best friend and her boyfriend whilst I start a part time internship. To say I'm excited to be spending less time making coffee would be a massive understatement.

I've packed my travel wash bag, filled out my diary and collected my train tickets. I was initially planning to drive up. Unfortunately, I'm a very anxious driver and, I didn't think driving on my own to Bristol would great for my nerves. Instead I'm planning on getting the train up for the first few weeks, then driving up for the first time with my friend when we go up for my friend's birthday weekend.

Fingers crossed there's going to be a lot less coffee in my life for a little while. Unless of course it turns out to be like The One Where Rachel Quits, and I end up serving coffee forever more. Let's hope not.