May suggest there's somwhere from which I might know her, just to get the ball to roll.


Coat - Zara
Skirt - River Island
Top - Topshop

This week has seen an influx of pretty clothing related packages. I fell in love with this skirt when I saw  Becky post about the blue one. It's a happy coincidence that the colours go perfectly with my new Zara coat. At £29.99 I just couldn't pass it up. I'm not used to wearing longer coats, and as I'm rather short I feel a bit swamped in this, but with a pair of heeled boots I think it looks ok. 

Obviously I put a pair of tights on when actually going out in this outfit. I just thought the pastels looked a lot prettier against skin than black tights. 

Also apologies for the blurry photos, my camera just did not feel like focusing properly this morning. I also need to stop with the super long AM post titles, I just can't help myself at the moment.

Hope you all have lovely weekends. I've now got a week off work which is exciting, I've not had a whole week off since last summer!