This Week's Loves #14

It's been one of those weeks. I'm a little tired and a lot fed up with train delays. I've got a very busy week or so ahead of me, but also a weekend planned for a friend's birthday, so here's hoping it'll be a good one.
How pretty are the tulips pictured above? I'm getting to fed up of the horrid weather we've been having, but pretty flowers at least give me some hope for spring.

New Girl
So I'm only a few years late but I've finally got into New Girl. I'd watched a few episodes here and there but I picked up the box set and have been watching it non-stop. I'm now eagerly awaiting the arrival of my season 2 dvd. 

Blog Love
I'm not sure why I've not featured Rebecca's blog It's Cohen in these posts before, as she's been one of my go-to reads forever. There's usually some kind of good Arctic Monkeys reference knocking around, plus there's always a lovely outfit post with a little fancy photo editing.

This Week's Loves #13

This week saw the start of my internship. It also saw the start of me getting to spend lots more time with my best friend in one of my favourite cities in the UK. I'm hoping that by the end of it I'll have got to know Bristol a little better.

The Rosie Project
Spending a lot of time on trains over the coming months, means I'm going to have a lot of time for reading. This week I finished The Rosie Project by Graeme Simsion. I originally saw Bee post about it and, as I always trust the opinion of a book lover, I decided to download it for my travels. I was pleasantly surprised. Not a hard read but entertaining and a little different to your average 'boy meets girl' romance.

My Bed
It is no secret that I love my bed, but spending a couple of nights a week on a sofa has really made me appreciate it. This past week has flown by and I don't think I'm quite ready to give up my super cosy bed again for two nights. Goodbye Bournemouth.

Hello New Things

Apparently it's the weekend again and I'm not entirely sure how. Given that I can't recall anything of note from this week, apart from a fantastic game of Disney monopoly, my This Week's Loves post is not happening. Instead I'm treating you to a little life update - aka a mindless ramble from me.

As of Monday, I get to spend two days a week in Bristol for the next three months. I'll be staying with my best friend and her boyfriend whilst I start a part time internship. To say I'm excited to be spending less time making coffee would be a massive understatement.

I've packed my travel wash bag, filled out my diary and collected my train tickets. I was initially planning to drive up. Unfortunately, I'm a very anxious driver and, I didn't think driving on my own to Bristol would great for my nerves. Instead I'm planning on getting the train up for the first few weeks, then driving up for the first time with my friend when we go up for my friend's birthday weekend.

Fingers crossed there's going to be a lot less coffee in my life for a little while. Unless of course it turns out to be like The One Where Rachel Quits, and I end up serving coffee forever more. Let's hope not.

This Week's Loves #12

This past week has gone incredibly quickly, I can't quite believe Monday has rolled around already. Luckily I'm not in work until 2 this afternoon, so it's not all bad. Yesterday I had a rare Sunday off work. The plan was to spend the day at Longleat but turns out it's closed for the whole of January for VIP tours and, as much as I love the animals, I'm not paying extra to see them. Instead we were left with the dilemma of what to do. We actually got into the car with no idea. Proceeded to drive round in circles for the best part of an hour, then gave up and drove home.

Productive Sundays at their finest.
The thought of Spring
I may love Autumn/Winter for the cosy jumpers, scarves and layer upon layer of clothing, but I am looking forward to Spring a little bit. Longer evenings and lighter mornings definitely make getting up at 5:30AM a little more bearable. Plus I bought my first bunch of flowers of the year and the pretty pastel colours have me dreaming of a little bit of sunshine. 

Naked 3 Palette 
This has definitely been talked about to death, but all those blog posts must have rubbed off as I treated myself to it just after Christmas. I'm not usually a big eye shadow wearer, but there was something about those soft rosy colours that I was drawn to. For an eyeshadow novice, I think I actually managed to put together a nice look with it on Saturday night. Now I just have to remember which shades I used.

Blog Love
I discovered Becca's blog quite a few months back now, and it's one I always mean to feature on my Weekly Loves, but always seems to forget. Not this week! I'm a big fan of her latest 'Wednesday Addams-esque' outfit post. Go and have a look. 

This Year's Loves

Very much inspired by Suzie, I decided to do a little roundup of my favourite reads of 2013. Think of it as a 'This Week's Loves' for the whole of the year. However, my list started to get just a little but lengthy, so I ended up creating a separate blog roll page in order to fit all my favourites in. Go and take a look here, there's some good ones!

To keep it short and sweet, here's a snapshot of some of my favourite posts & bloggers from the past 12 months.

Briar Rose
If I had to pick a favourite post (or posts), it would definitely me Megan's. I absolutely loved following her wedding planning. If you haven't already, you have to go and take a look at her wedding dress, absolutely beautiful.

Nouvelle Daily
This summer I started writing a posts for Nouvelle Daily. Kate puts in so much hard work and it's definitely worth a read. Really, I'm not just saying that.

Wonderful You
I still stand by the statement I made few months back. Megan is definitely one of the nicest bloggers I've come across. Fantastic outfits and fantastic hair, what more could you want really?

Hannah Maggs
If there's on you tuber I've kept up with the past few months, it's Hannah. I've loved watching her weekly pregnancy updates, and wish you all the luck for when your baby boy is born.

Lisette Loves
A quick scroll through Lisette's blog, and you'll soon realise there's always something to be thankful for. When I think of her blog, the quote "Happiness can be found even in the darkest of times, if one only remembers to turn off the light." comes to mind. Good old Albus and good old Lisette.

You can see all my favourites here. Now here's to 2014 and even more blog reading.