Remember When - The Perfect Cookie

Whilst at work today, the subject of cookies arose. Now generally a conversation about food is a good conversation, but start talking about cookies, and I start to get all emotional.

Let's rewind 16 years. I'm sat at the dining room table of a house my mum is cleaning. I used to go with her once a week and I loved it. It was really big, had lots of spare rooms for hiding in and the garden was very Mary Lennox-eqsue. However, this wasn't the main event. No. It was lunchtime when things really got good. Every week I'd unpack my forever friends lunch box (please all remember I was 4, though one would't go amiss right now) and take out the food inside.

There was always a cookie. It wasn't just any cookie, and no it wasn't from M&S it was from Tesco. I've had a lot of cookies in my lifetime, and I can assure you, these were the best ever. They were the perfect balance of doughy and crunchy. The chocolate chips were fantastic and, the best part, they were very big.  From then on, I was hooked. Even over a decade later, every time I bit into the soft dough of a Tesco cookie, I'd be transported back to that dining table.

If you've not tried one, I'd love to buy you one. Sadly I can't do that. Around a year or so ago, the worst happened. They changed the recipe. They no longer take me back to my four year old self. The dough is no longer the perfect softness and the smell doesn't remind me of afternoons spent with my mum.

Of course, when this came up in conversation, I gave them the condensed version. The "Tescos cookies used to be perfect, but then they changed the recipe. It was a sad day." I thought I'd save the heart-wrenching version for here. Because everyone cares about my cookie problems.

Goodbye Tesco cookies. You served me well.

Please note: The above picture is not of the best cookies in the world. They were nice cookies. I made them, but they are no Tesco's cookie.