52 Lists - Week 20

I find it hard to make goals on a daily basis, let alone for a whole season, but I thought I'd have a think nonetheless. Summer is a bit of a non-event in Britain, so I tried to make my goals very un weather orientated to avoid inevitable disappointment.

Top of my list (thought not literally on the top of my list) is to travel more. So far this year I've been to New York and Barcelona, two places I'd never been before. I hope to travel to more places, as let's face it, it's pretty fun.

Travelling goes hand in hand with another of my goals. Brave motorway driving. I'm a nervous driver, not because I can't drive but because I get paranoid about other drivers and me not knowing my way. I'm investing in a satnav and I've decided that I need to brave the motorway!

Other things include exercise (this has been on my list since forever but let's try), reading loads and spending more time on my blog.

What do you have planned for the summer?