Details: Shoes on the Furniture

For the past few years now, crochet has definitely been my go to summer style. This year I seem to have toned it down on the crochet front, but I couldn't resist the detailing on this Topshop offering.



Paired with last year's ASOS midi skirt, a simple pair of black sandals, and my favourite sunglasses, it makes for the perfect 'hot but also slightly cloudy' outfit.



I don't condone wearing your sandals whilst sitting on a brand new duvet, but I wasn't quite ready to go out and my bed is super comfy.

Personal Style

At 21 years old, I may have no idea where I'm heading in life, but I think there's one thing I'm on track with at least.



A quick scroll though Pinterest and you'll probably come across a multitude of quotes about style vs fashion. Whilst I love 'fashion', I know that not every new 'must have' item is going to be for me. I'm starting to understand what I like, what suits me, and what to definitely steer clear of. 

I like stripes. I like midi lengths and floaty dresses. It's rare that you'll ever find me in shorts and, whilst I can never say never, red is not my colour. Come summer I live for crochet, and in the winter I won't step out of my chelsea boots. Colour is a rarity, but come the warmer months I'll branch out to blue and green hues. When it comes to nails, toes are always a shade of red/pink and fingers often stick to Essie's Fiji. 

I noticed a while back that even my Pinterest boards reflect my style. My style board is an amalgamation of breton tops, knitted jumpers, trench coats and a whole load of grey. 

Having an idea of your style makes shopping a lot easier. The hours spent scrolling endlessly through ASOS can be shortened a little, simply by realising that I can' filter out most things marked 'body con'.

That's not to say that I don't like other clothes. I have friends that will look amazing in crop tops and tiny skirts, and can pull of the effortless beachy look like no other. I think I've just got to the point where I'd much rather feel myself in what I'm wearing, than looks great but feel totally out of place in something different.

I'm a creature of habit. I love a good list or plan, and then sticking to it. So whilst the idea of sticking to certain styles may seem absurd for those who like to try new things. For me, it's perfect.

It may sound superficial, but finally feeling comfortable in what I'm wearing makes me feel fantastic. I've got to the point where as long as I love something, I don't care what anyone else thinks. 

About as subtle as an earthquake, I know, my mistakes were made for you.

Only three days after my last post, I seem to have found a tiny bit of motivation. The motivation comes in the form of this beautiful ASOS dress. Smock dress? Check! Gingham? Check! (excuse the pun). If I hadn't been working all weekend, this is definitely what I would have worn to enjoy the sun. Sadly as I spent most of the sunny hours making coffee, this dress was reserved for Sunday evening eating monster munch. 

The sun may have made an appearance this weekend, but I still don't think my legs are ready for the light of day. Or rather, the light of day isn't ready for my legs, they're so pasty I'd say they almost look a little grey. I think I might be clinging onto the tights for a little longer.

Jacket - French Connection, Dress - ASOS

Well you cured my January blues

Hello first outfit post of the year, it's been a while. Firstly, can we please talk about how I definitely should have worn a jacket when taking these photos. Cold is not the word for it. 

I bought this a few months back and I only wore it for the first time a few weeks ago. Trying to style a peplum hem skirt is trickier than I first thought. If you fancy giving it a go, it's currently £9.50 in the ASOS sale! I fell in love with this Topshop top a while back, and luckily managed to track it down in the sales at the weekend. I've said it before, I really don't get on well with sales, but once in a while I'll manage to find something good. 

I definitely need to find someone to start taking outfit pictures for me. Problem is, when it comes to cameras my mum isn't the most knowledgable. In fact the last time I asked her to take a photo for me it definitely ended in some sort of argument. I was also wearing these beautiful shoes, but couldn't get them in shot! 

Top - Topshop
Skirt - ASOS
Shoes - ASOS

Another year, another wardrobe.

I'm not usually one for making a big deal about the New Year. I'm not a fan of resolutions or big NYE nights out. If there's one thing I do love though, it's a good yearly round up.

 I spent a good while scrolling, and picked a few of my favourite outfits from the past 12 months. Ideally I'd like to have included my Christmas party/day outfits, but the chances of getting those photographed before the end of the year is highly unlikely. Have you looked out of the window this morning?

2013 was the year of the smock dress, tartan print everything and numerous ASOS orders. I think personal favourites include the elephant & paisley smock dresses and my checked coat. I also love the first denim jacket, but this post made me realise I've not even worn it since March. I'll be digging that out once the weather perks up a little. Here's hoping that smock dresses stick around for 2014, I definitely have enough to last me another year.