52 Lists - Week 21

Another week and another 52 lists post, this week favourite songs. I always find having to make lists of favourites pretty difficult.

There's a multitude of songs that I love, but when actually faced with a pen and paper, my mind seems to draw a blank. There's so many more songs that I would class as favourites, but these are the ones that came to mind whilst writing this list.

I'm not usually picky with music. If I like a song, I like it regardless of the genre or how it sounds. Quite a few of my favourites happen to be Arctic Monkeys/Alex Turner songs, simply because I think their lyrics are wonderful. However, my list also features Taylor Swift, Frank Sinatra and even Wham! So you know, each to their own.

I'm really enjoying the 52 Lists project so far (despite missing a couple of week, oops). If any of you are participating I'd love to read your posts, so let me know in the comments.