New York New York - Part Two


Brooklyn Bridge

Central Park

Our last day in NYC was spent doing a lot of walking. We started the morning off in Soho, where I had the best waffles ever, I'm still craving them now! Here we browsed in some of the shops and I bought some delicious mini cupcakes. I think Soho was one of my favourite parts to visit, it was much quieter than other places, and had a really nice feel to it.

From here we decided to take a walk to Brooklyn bridge. Despite two rides around the city on buses and coaches, walking really is the best way to see everything. We walked along Canal Street, then all the way down Broadway, passing Wall Street, the 9/11 Memorial and about a thousand Starbucks.

We did get a little lost and ended up near the Staten Island Ferry, something I really wanted to do but sadly didn't have the time.

The view from the bridge is pretty incredible, it's so weird looking back at the city. We were going to venture round Brooklyn for a bit, but ended up heading back over and getting some lunch back in the city and it was starting to get very cold.

After a taxi ride back near our hotel, we walked around Central Park for a while. I'd have loved to actually have gone ice skating, but I am pretty shocking at it. The park was lovely, and I imagine in the summer it's even nicer.

I had a wonderful trip to New York, although it definitely could have been longer in order to fit in more places and people I wanted to see. I'd definitely recommend it, though I'd advise anyone to maybe stay away from Times Square, in my opinion it wasn't the best place to be staying.