Blogger Love Tag

I love to share a little blog love once in a while. When I saw the lovely Annabel pop this tag up on her blog, I just knew I'd have to give it a go! It actually took me a lot longer than expected to answer all the questions, apparently my mind goes blank when put on the spot.
What was the first blog you ever came across?
I've been reading blogs for ages and I remember coming across quite a few via tumblr too, but the first that spring to mind are probably Lily Melrose and Wish Wish Wish.

Favourite blog reads 
What Olivia Did, Charlotte's Web, The Briar Rose, Lisette Loves, Hannah Maggs

Best blogging friend
Im awful when it comes to actually making proper friends, although I chat to lots of lovely bloggers via twitter. I've known Shabna and Philippa for a long time and Joyce has started blogging recently too.

Name a blog that enables your purchases
Definitely Gh0stparties for beauty related purchases, and definitely trust Jenny Purr for any blemish banishing products. Clothing wise definitely Jazmine from Jazzabelle's Diary.

5 blogs everyone should be reading 
Only 5? Love Cloth, The Dust On the Ground, Vivatramp, It's Cohen, Nouvelle Daily

Your favourite way to read blogs
I follow blogs via bloglovin' but I'm most likely to read a post when the link pops up on twitter.

Bloggers that inspire you
Tori is one of the loveliest bloggers I've come across and Lisette is incredibly inspiring with her Thankful Thursday posts and general positive attitude.

Favourite blog design/look
I'm a big fan of quite minimal looks (yet for some reason I chose to move away from all white?) so The Private Life of a Girl has to be up there. I also love A Rosie Outlook, such a pretty design. I can picture so many lovely ones in my head but can't think who they belong to now, as is the way.

What is your favourite thing about blogging?
I think there's a really lovely sense of community (for the most part). I also love getting a feel for people's personalities through their posts, which is probably why I enjoy reading chatty/lifestyle blogs the most. I also love to write, and blogging is a pretty open platform for that. Without my blog I wouldn't have had the opportunity to contribute to Nouvelle and, without Nouvelle, I probably wouldn't have got my internship.

Name a blogger you would most like to see write a book in the future
I'm not actually sure to be quite honest, though I'm sure one will come to me after this is actually published. Is it totally wrong to say myself. It's one thing I've always wanted to do, and I have so many ideas that I just never put into practice.

This Week's Loves #14

It's been one of those weeks. I'm a little tired and a lot fed up with train delays. I've got a very busy week or so ahead of me, but also a weekend planned for a friend's birthday, so here's hoping it'll be a good one.
How pretty are the tulips pictured above? I'm getting to fed up of the horrid weather we've been having, but pretty flowers at least give me some hope for spring.

New Girl
So I'm only a few years late but I've finally got into New Girl. I'd watched a few episodes here and there but I picked up the box set and have been watching it non-stop. I'm now eagerly awaiting the arrival of my season 2 dvd. 

Blog Love
I'm not sure why I've not featured Rebecca's blog It's Cohen in these posts before, as she's been one of my go-to reads forever. There's usually some kind of good Arctic Monkeys reference knocking around, plus there's always a lovely outfit post with a little fancy photo editing.

This Week's Loves #13

This week saw the start of my internship. It also saw the start of me getting to spend lots more time with my best friend in one of my favourite cities in the UK. I'm hoping that by the end of it I'll have got to know Bristol a little better.

The Rosie Project
Spending a lot of time on trains over the coming months, means I'm going to have a lot of time for reading. This week I finished The Rosie Project by Graeme Simsion. I originally saw Bee post about it and, as I always trust the opinion of a book lover, I decided to download it for my travels. I was pleasantly surprised. Not a hard read but entertaining and a little different to your average 'boy meets girl' romance.

My Bed
It is no secret that I love my bed, but spending a couple of nights a week on a sofa has really made me appreciate it. This past week has flown by and I don't think I'm quite ready to give up my super cosy bed again for two nights. Goodbye Bournemouth.

This Week's Loves #12

This past week has gone incredibly quickly, I can't quite believe Monday has rolled around already. Luckily I'm not in work until 2 this afternoon, so it's not all bad. Yesterday I had a rare Sunday off work. The plan was to spend the day at Longleat but turns out it's closed for the whole of January for VIP tours and, as much as I love the animals, I'm not paying extra to see them. Instead we were left with the dilemma of what to do. We actually got into the car with no idea. Proceeded to drive round in circles for the best part of an hour, then gave up and drove home.

Productive Sundays at their finest.
The thought of Spring
I may love Autumn/Winter for the cosy jumpers, scarves and layer upon layer of clothing, but I am looking forward to Spring a little bit. Longer evenings and lighter mornings definitely make getting up at 5:30AM a little more bearable. Plus I bought my first bunch of flowers of the year and the pretty pastel colours have me dreaming of a little bit of sunshine. 

Naked 3 Palette 
This has definitely been talked about to death, but all those blog posts must have rubbed off as I treated myself to it just after Christmas. I'm not usually a big eye shadow wearer, but there was something about those soft rosy colours that I was drawn to. For an eyeshadow novice, I think I actually managed to put together a nice look with it on Saturday night. Now I just have to remember which shades I used.

Blog Love
I discovered Becca's blog quite a few months back now, and it's one I always mean to feature on my Weekly Loves, but always seems to forget. Not this week! I'm a big fan of her latest 'Wednesday Addams-esque' outfit post. Go and have a look. 

This Week's Loves #10

 photo IMG_3883_zps7c2aa24d.jpg  photo IMG_3881_zps4ffe558e.jpg  photo IMG_3882_zps1e8ef3dd.jpg 
 So this all looks a bit 'instagram update' no? It may not feel like it after being back at work all weekend, but I actually had last week off work. I started it all off by having a very relaxing weekend. I then headed off to London on the Monday, stayed in a fancy apartment and then proceeded to spend the evening watching New Girl, Made in Chelsea and 90210. Don't say I don't know how to have a good time.

London included some very yummy pancakes at Bill's, a good hour long browse around Selfridges, and being accosted by a sales girl in SpaceNK (safe to say I didn't actually leave with anything after that).

Towards the end of the week Pete (who, what, he never gets a mention on here?!) and I went to Marwell Zoo. I made friends with a penguin and it was an all round good day.

Blog Love
The past week I spent many a morning lazing in bed with a cup of tea and a lot of youtube videos to catch up on. So, I thought it'd be nice to mention a few of my favourites from the week.

I stumbled across someone I'd not seen before this week, Ruth's 10 best feelings video really cheered me up. I know I only mentioned Hannah's blog the other week, but you have to check out her Draw My Life video, it bought a tear to my eye. The out-takes video is pretty great too.

Finally, I've love Alix's videos and I love a good monthly favourites video. If you do too, check out her October Favourites video.

I'd also like to leave you with the John Lewis christmas advert, because if you've not seen it yet, why not?