So I went to Boots.

When I used to go shopping with my Mum a few years back, I never understood how she could spend so much time in Boots. Fast forward five years and I now it's obvious. These days I can't go out without somehow ending up in Boots and somehow spending a little too much money.

Today I went in looking for a mascara. I came out with said mascara (though not the one I intended on buying) plus a few other items. Oops.

I couldn't find the mascara I'd gone in to get, so I thought I'd test this one out. I've never heard of it before, I've not read any reviews and I'm worried I'm going to be disappointed. This has a plastic brush as opposed to bristles, that can only be a bad start! Let's hope it proves me wrong.

It was 3 for 2 on Revlon so I also picked up a cream blusher and a Just Bitten balm stain. I have yetto actually try the balm stains. When they were first out I didn't really join the hype. In my eyes they were just like chubby sticks, and I already own a few of those. This is such a lovely pink though and I've been wanting to add something a little brighter to my collection.

On my way to the till, I accidentally ended up with this Sally Hansen polish. I definitely didn't need another pink, so obviously that's what I chose. I'm hoping it'll be a nice polish.

All the things I picked up today are products I've never actually tried before, so I'm hoping that I won't be disappointed.

I want to make 'So I went to Boots' a little feature on my blog. I go in there quite a bit, and often come out with some nice things which I'd like to share on my blog with you. It's not really a haul, definitely not a review, just a 'I went to Boots and this is what I came out with'.