Pinteresting Things #2

It's been a little quiet on the Pinterest front this week as I've spent all my time not at work, in bed sleeping. I've had some silly illness that left me feeling exhausted and very disorientated. Regardless, here's some of the things I loved this week. 

1. These chocolate covered oreos from sweetiesbykim look amazing. I'm not sure if they'd be a little too sweet for me, but they look so good regardless!

2. At first I was drawn to the wondeful dress. The I realised it's Shenae Grimes whom I also love. Perfect white dress + Shenae and you can't really go wrong. After a little bit of original source searching, I found that this image is originally from Elle.

3. Lastly, how adorable are these. I feel like it's something I definitely need to make in the near future. 

Pinteresting Things

I have a confession to make. I am a Pinterest addict. Ever since I joined the site a year or so ago, I just can't get enough of it. It's filled with so much inspiration, so many clever ideas and can also have the ability to make me very very envious.

So every week I want to share with you guys my favourite things I've been pinning. Be it a tutorial, a beautiful dress or an amazing recipe, I'll post it for you! Expect a lot of fonts, because I'm also addicted to those.

Also a quick side note, if you're going to pin something, please make sure it links to the original source. It's so frustrating to find a wonderful tutorial you want to try, only to find out it just links to a tumblr page with no actual instructions. People put time and effort into these things, don't let it go un-noticed.

1. I love a good font, and here you can find 25 of them! All beautiful and all free, thanks to A Subtle Revelry who tracked them down.

2. A few tips for good quality scanned artwork, thanks to

3. I fell in love with this ring and there's some other gorgeous things in this esty shop! I even bought my friend a 21st present the other day. Now someone please buy me this ring!

4. I have yet to try it, but this Peach Margarita recipe from Oh So Beautiful Paper sounds delicious.

So there's this week's top Pins. You can find my pinterest here. What have you been pinning?