Hands On

In my line of work, ooer sounds dodgier than it really is, it's hard to have nice hands. The combination of hot coffee, boiling water, cleaning products and the never ending cycle of burns, means that my hands aren't usually looking their finest.

I can't stand bad cuticles and dry skin, and considering mine are always in this state, I spend a lot of my time scrubbing away to try and make them a little more presentable.

I recently 'borrowed' the No7 Revitalising Hand Saviour from my mum, and I must say, it really lives up to it's name! A combination of exfoliation and moisturising, simply rub this into dry hands, then rinse off with warm water. Super soft hands in seconds. I'll definitely picking one of these up for myself next time I have a No7 voucher lying around.

My go-to hand cream has to be Soap and Glory's Hand Food. I've been through so many of these, usually picking them up in a 3 for 2 offer. I always buy the travel size as they're easy to throw in your handbag, but I definitely need to pick up a full size for home.

When my cuticles are looking a little worse for wear (all the time) I use Essie's Apricot Cuticle Oil. I've not tried many, so it may not be the best, but it works for now.

Technically speaking, nail polish isn't allowed at my job. Gone are the days of fancy nail art and pretty colours. I tend to use Essie's Ballet Slippers for day-to-day wear, the perfect semi-transparent nude. I've got through so many bottles of this in the past couple of years.

I long for the day when I can work a job where I can sport bright nails and have happy hands.

So I went to Boots #3

No7 Exquisite Curl - Now Discontinued

This edition of 'I went to Boots' is very mascara heavy. I popped in to pick up my trusty No7 Exquisite curl, only to find out it's been discontinued. Luckily the lovely lady had two left, so I bought them. It's by far my favourite mascara. It doesn't smudge, it doesn't clump and it has a nice 'bristly' brush. 

Whilst I was busy at No7, my mum was over at Lancôme eyeing up the mascaras. We were sucked in by the pretty packaging, you can see it here. The woman on the counter assured me that my mascara would also come in said pretty packaging. It didn't. Something I didn't find out 'til I was already home. Pretty packaging aside, this is turning out to be quite a nice mascara. It has a lovely tapered wand and glides on very nicely. Might pop a full review up soon.

I love a new moisturiser. I have a large basket full of various creams and body butters, but I'm always a little lazy when it actually comes to applying them. Therefore this 'spray and go' from Vaseline seems perfect for me. It's pretty nice, and definitely dries super quickly, but I find I don't feel all that moisturised. Whilst it's good, I'd definitely stick with the Nivea in shower moisturiser for something equally as quick.

Not the most exciting trip to Boots, but I don't think I need another mascara for a long time.