Things from June

June mainly consisted of the aftermath of May's McBusted and Arctic Monkeys (trust me, all I listened to for a good two weeks solid was old McFly playlists), birthdays, looking forward to holiday, and suddenly being home from holiday.

During the month of June I rediscovered two old favourites, and introduced two new additions into my life.

First up is Revlon's Nearly Naked Foundation. When I first bought this last summer, we didn't get on. I was convinced that the lightest shade was too dark for my face, and I was a little too fixated on high end foundations. However, over the past month or so, my mind has been changed. Nearly Naked has taken it's place as my favourite foundation of the moment. Maybe my skin-tone is a teeny bit darker this year, and maybe I'm appreciating the sheer, light coverage more. Whatever it is, I'm onto a winner with this one.

After going to see About Time in the cinema last year, I eagerly awaited the DVD release. I pre-ordered. It arrived. I watched again, shed tears, then placed it back on the shelf. I decided to give it another watch a couple of weeks back, and reminded myself what an amazing film it is. I love it. Everything about it. It really does make you think about how precious each day is.

Whilst enjoying the sun in Corfu for a week, I finally managed to finish Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn, and wow am I glad I did. There aren't many words to describe how amazing this book is. I know I'm late on the bandwagon, but since finishing this book I can't seem to stop thinking about it.

Lastly is a new addition to my lipstick drawer. You'll usually find me perusing the same nudey-pinks over and over again, but I was drawn to this gorgeous Bobbi Brown shade after seeing Brittany post about it a few months back.

Rosy stayed hidden away for a while, before I decided to brave the slightly bolder shade whilst on holiday. I can firmly say that it's my new favourite shade.

So there we have some things from June. Let's hope things from July might be as nice.

I did it again

I have a bad habit of getting my blogging mojo back for a few posts, then disappearing, and it would seem I've done it again.

Since my last post, which feels like eons ago, I've done a couple of things of note. First up I went to see Arctic Monkeys in Finsbury Park. Fantastic as always, but I don't think outside gigs are really for me, and god forbid I ever end up at a festival.

After that it was McBusted for the second time. Amazing both times but possibly even better the second. It was definitely a treat seeing my two favourite bands (I'm never one to deny that Busted are still my fave more than 10 years on) within days of each other. It also turns out that on the drive home we were driving behind their tour bus, only to realise a day later. Whoops.

I'm off to Corfu for five days a week today, and I cannot wait. All the trips I went on last year were quite 'on the go' sightseeing ones, so lazing around by the pool whilst reading a few good books is definitely overdue.

If you hadn't noticed, I started to move away from outfit post. I realised standing in my garden posing for a camera just wasn't for me, and I have yet to find a new way to showcase what I'm wearing. I miss posting about my clothes, I just need to work out a way to do it.

Ideally I'd like a big white wall with lots of hooks, which would be perfect for hanging clothes on and photographing. In reality, I have sloping walls and lots of wallpaper/clutter, so it's not happening anytime soon.

I suppose this was just a quick one to let you all know I'm still here. Let's hope I stick around for more than one post.

Life through a filter

This morning I enjoyed a particularly satisfying smoothie. But you see, not only did I drink my smoothie this morning, I proceeded to photograph it, spend a good few minutes picking an appropriate filter and then post it to Instagram. I made sure that the filter I had picked brought out the colours perfectly, and that the arrangement of the photo was up to scratch.

I love instagram. In fact I might even love it enough to say that it might possibly be my favourite form of social media. Sorry twitter, but there's just something so satisfying about mindlessly scrolling through pretty pictures of flowers and copious amounts of food porn. Yet sometimes I'll find myself looking at someone's pictures, and wishing my life was a little more like theirs.

There's nothing particularly wrong with photographing your breakfast, or your cat or all the things you just 'accidentally' bought in Boots. There's nothing wrong with mulling over the perfect filter, cropping and adding in various effects. There's nothing wrong with taking the time to lay out your cup of tea so that you can also get a glimpse of those fresh flowers you just happen to have lying around.

What I think people need to remember is that, in general, people are only going to post what they want you to see. So many lives can come across as perfect, and this is because their life has been 'filtered' - excuse the bad pun - to be Instagram worthy. It's so easy to see a shot of someone's perfectly manicured hands, their trip to New York and their colour coordinated wardrobe and think they have it all. Many a time have I scrolled through someone's photos and thought 'Wow, their life must be amazing.' Maybe it is but, then again, it's probably not.

The next time you find the Instagram jealousy kicking in or you think someone has it all, bear in mind that you're just viewing their life through a filter. You're only seeing what someone wants you to see, so enjoy it, but don't read too much into it.

Fern Goes To Brighton

Following on from my last post about appreciating my surroundings a little more, I took a trip to Brighton. Technically speaking, the trip was planned before I had my little realisation, but I think we can forget that for the sake of this post. 
I'd only ever been once before, and it had been on a very grey and miserable day, hence I didn't really enjoy it. This time the weather was absolutely perfect. We stayed in The White House B&B which was fantastic. I'd like to say it was the best B&B I've ever stayed in, but prior to this I hadn't actually stayed in one. In a nutshell: beautiful rooms, perfect location and fantastic breakfast.

I had planned on taking my proper camera to get some nice snaps but, no matter how many lists I made, I obviously forgot something and that something was my camera. For some reason, I chose to specifically take photos of crockery, flowers and not a lot else.

We had a walk down The Lanes, I found a lot of cute homeware shops and unsurprisingly came home with a new mug. We also took a stroll down the pier, and did a lot of walking. I'm not sure I can get onboard with the pebble beaches though, I think I'll stick to sand.

I'll definitely be heading back to Brighton, it was such a lovely place and even better to explore somewhere new!

The Little Things

At least five days a week I'll do the same drive along the cliff tops to work. At least five days a week I pay hardly an attention to my surrounding, simply stopping for pedestrians, not running red lights and making it to work on time. Then last week I came to realisation. It was no epiphany. There weren't any flashes of light or dramatic music, but for once I actually payed attention. It was 6AM, the sun was just starting to make an appearance and everything looked really beautiful.

Amidst a hectic week/month/lifetime of working extra hours, travelling to and from Bristol and interning, upon actually trying to have a life, sometimes I think I forget to appreciate the little things. I live in such a beautiful part of England, yet 90% of the time I forget. I work a two minute walk away from the beach, I live right next to a beautiful quay and I'm in driving distance of The New Forest.

Yet the last time I set foot on sand was almost a year ago, I can't remember the last time I walked across the park, and the only time I see The New Forest is on the train to Southampton. The pictures above were taken at least two year ago, which sort of solidifies my point a little.

I don't know what I'm doing in life, I might not be lucky enough to live somewhere this fantastic forever. From now on I've made it my mission to, for want of better phrase, stop and smell the roses a little more often. After all, I do really like flowers.