New York New York - Part One

Times Square

Friends apartments

Washington Square Park

After a lovely four days in New York City, I am now sat in bed, drinking tea and writing this post. I've decided to split this post into two parts, to condense things and make it a little easier for those reading. I really had such a good time, despite it being freezing cold and raining solidly for our first day there.

New York is big, it's busy and a little confusing at times. It took me up until out last day to get the hang of how the streets worked. Having the roads numbered is actually pretty handy when you're lost!

After a wonderful flight with Virgin Atlantic, (who knew that 8 hour flights could pass so quickly!) made better by watching Pitch Perfect and rewinding all the songs, we touched down at JFK. We wandered around the streets surrounding out hotel, and eventually ended up in Times Square for dinner. 

If there's one thing I've learnt, it's that eating out there can be very expensive. I've also learnt that I definitely wouldn't stay near Times Square again. I'd definitely recommend seeing it once, but the business really didn't appeal to be at all. 

Our second day involved a lot of rain, walking round looking for breakfast, a rainy bus ride, and a bit more rain. It's such a shame the weather was awful this day, as it would have been a perfect day to work out what we wanted to to with our remaining two days. We did go to Macy's (definitely not as impressive as I'd hoped) and take a bus ride around the city. 

Sadly our first proper day in NYC was a little bit of a write off, but it does get better! 

We spent Sunday on a coach trip, visiting some of the places that are featured in TV and film. I saw the Friends apartments, Washington Square Park, Central Park, plus quite a few other places, The highlight of this for me was catching a glimpse of the Empire Hotel (hello Chuck Bass).

I don't seem to have as many photos as I'd have liked from my trip. I blame the rain on our first day, and the freezing cold weather. Expect an instagram post of quick snaps from my trip sometime soon! 

Part Two of my trip will be up shortly!