I've Been Reading - The Confusion of Karen Carpenter by Jonathan Harvey

This is one of the many books recommended to me by my mum, who has perfect taste in books, so I knew it was going to be a good one.

The story centres around Karen Carpenter (no not the 70s pop star, as she mentions multiple times throughout) but a thirty-something teacher from Liverpool, living in London. It transpired at the begining of the book that her long-term boyfriend Michael left her just before Christmas. And, not only did he leave her, but he did it via post-it note in true SATC Jack Burger style.

We meet Karen's mum, loud, interfering and convinced there's rats in the attic and Karen's best friend Wendy. There's also various teacher associates including Meredith, P.E teacher, housemate and according to Karen's mum a 'lebian' and head of department and serial swinger Mungo.

There's the occasional flashback to Karen and Michael's past, but the lingering question is 'Why did Michael leave?' Karen wants answers, yet won't even return the phone calls from Michael's mother.

I'd definitely say give this book a whirl if you're up for a good humorous read. Also check out Jonathan Harvey's debut novel, All She Wants. I read it in the space of two days a couple of years back, when sad and alone and uni and it really cheered me up.

52 Lists - Week 16

So this week's list got me so excited. I'm constantly making lists of my favourite books, what I've read and what I still need to read, so this week was right up my street. As per usual though, my mind went blank when I got out a pen (and my new gold sharpie, just to make things fun).

I managed to compile a list of books I love, most from off the top of my head. This list would definitely be a lot longer, so I'm probably going to to go back and add to it over time.

I'm not sure I could really pick a favourite out of my list. Apart from the Harry Potter series, most of my favourites are what I suppose you could call 'chick lit' although I really really hate that term. In my eyes they're all fantastic books. I find it horrible when people make others feel silly because of their choice of book. They may not be incredibly intellectual, but they're good stories which have managed to make me laugh, cry and really think about things. If I enjoy a book, surely that's enough.

I'm funny with reading. I'll either sit down and manage to finish a book in a matter of days, or even hours, or find it a real struggle to actually sit down and read.

My 'to read' list is forever getting longer, those at the bottom are just the books I hope to read in the next month or so.