What do you want Mary, you want the moon?

It's here. My official favourite day of the year. This is the first Christmas eve in three years that I've not had to work, so I've really been enjoying it. I took it upon myself to watch It's a Wonderful Life for the first time ever, and it is a wonderful film. I also now finally understand the "What do you want Mary, you want the moon?" part in McFly's Love is Easy.

All the wrapping has been done. A last minute ASOS order has arrived, and all the presents are safely around the tree. I've consumed a lot of tea (in a festive mug as always) and I'm about to leave for my Dad's house.

I feel like I've been very lax on the blog front this month, but I'd like to wish you all a magical Christmas!
Merry Christmas Everyone! x

Red, White and Green - Christmas Wrapping 2013

I love wrapping presents. I think I actually like wrapping presents more than I like buying and receiving said gifts. This year, I had my 'theme' decided back in October, and I've been waiting for what seems like forever until it was deemed acceptable to start wrapping.

I've not actually finished all my shopping, and I usually like to wrap my gifts a little closer to the 25th, accompanied by a good Christmas film and a lot of chocolate. I couldn't resist doing a few a bit earlier this year though. Wrapping gifts never fails to cheer me up!
This year I've gone for red, green and brown kraft paper adorned with three kinds of ribbon and candy canes. If you'd like to see last year's glittery offering, take a peek here. For gift tags, I picked up some plain luggage tags and a pack of heart shaped card tags and decided to decorate them myself. I was originally going to keep them simple with just the person's name, but it seems I got a little carried away with the sharpies (nothing new there then). 

I got the red and green paper from an amazon seller, although it's all sold out now. The ribbons are from this ebay seller, and you can pick up brown kraft paper at any post office. Candy canes came in packs of 12 from Tesco, though you can find them pretty much anywhere this time of year.

I did take to Pinterest to find some other crafty gift wrap ideas, but sadly pretty much every idea I found didn't link back to the original post. I really don't like using images on here unless I can give the creator credit, but searching for Christmas Wrapping on pinterest will give you some great ideas!

I'd love to see how you guys are wrapping your presents this year, so if you've blogged/tweeted/instagrammed them, please let me know!

"Say It's Carol Singers"

Happy 1st December! 

It's official. We're allowed to be ridiculously excited, start playing festive music at every given opportunity, and spend any available evening watching Christmas films. 

My all time favourite (and believe me, it's a tough choice) has to be Love Actually. Strictly speaking, it's my favourite film ever, not just my favourite Christmas film. However, in the run up to Christmas I never allow myself to watch it before the 1st of December. So, this evening is going to be spent drinking lots of tea out of various festive mugs, and treating myself to this season's first play of Love Actually. 

Today I am paying homage to my favourite, in the form of that "Say it's carol singers" scene...

Jumper - ASOS
Scarf - H&M
Skirt - Topshop

If you fancy having a watch of the real thing, do it here. I know I'm no Keira Knightley or Andrew Lincoln.

Yes I am aware I missed out half of it, but it would've been long.