Another ASOS order

Coat(igan) - ASOS
Jumper - ASOS
Skirt - Topshop

If there's a few things I've learnt from this outfit post it that: 1. I need to figure out something new do to with my hair. 2. The word coatigan really does make me cringe and 3. My obsession with checks/tartan is getting as out of hand as my obsession with florals circa 2009. Believe me, it was bad.

Despite all these things, this beautiful checked beauty is definitely a new favourite addition to my wardrobe. It's definitely not thick enough to keep me warm once the real cold sets in. For now though, paired with a nice chunky scarf, it is perfect.

Now need to go and warm myself up with a nice cup of tea and a pack of magic stars, which have been calling me for a good hour now.