Blogger's Guilt

After a horrible Saturday shift at work, I got home a little tired, very cold, and very not in the mood to rush outside and take blog photos. I'm now sat in bed re-watching Gossip Girl and feeling very guilty about the fact I didn't go outside to photograph yet another tartan induced outfit.

I'm generally very open about the fact that I blog for fun. If I don't feel like posting or have nothing to write about I simply don't. That's not to say I don't enjoy blogging, I love it. If I didn't I wouldn't be typing this post up right now. However, when I manage to go almost a week without posting, the 'blogger's guilt' as I like to call it starts to set in. I started my blog as a way to document my outfits and, although I've definitely branched out, I like to keep my blog primarily outfit posts. Sadly, with the evenings getting darker as we speak, it's getting increasingly difficult to take pictures.

I think a lot of bloggers, me included, feel the need to keep very up to date with posting. I'm always reading tweets about people trying to fit blogging in with their busy lives, and I highly commend the people that manage to do it. It takes a lot to juggle studying, working and finding the time to post daily.  However, I think we all need a little reminder that most people simply blog as a hobby (obviously this doesn't all apply to those who blog for a job). If you find yourself without time to head out and take outfit posts, don't worry. That very important lipstick swatch can wait until tomorrow. Instead of worrying about photographing every moment of your holiday, maybe take the time to sit back and just enjoy it instead.

If you're heart isn't totally in a post, maybe leave it and wait until another day. I much prefer to read one really interesting post a week than lots of posts that you can tell someone didn't really enjoy writing. I know I've been guilty of doing it in the past, but I really try my hardest not to these days.

Sometimes and evening on watching bad TV and eating your own weight in chocolate can seem much more appealing than typing up a blog post, and that's ok. Enjoy catching up on your favourite TV series or going out for drinks with friends without, shock horror, instagramming every moment. You might find you'll enjoy it a little bit more. Your blog will always be there tomorrow.