Blogger Love Tag

I love to share a little blog love once in a while. When I saw the lovely Annabel pop this tag up on her blog, I just knew I'd have to give it a go! It actually took me a lot longer than expected to answer all the questions, apparently my mind goes blank when put on the spot.
What was the first blog you ever came across?
I've been reading blogs for ages and I remember coming across quite a few via tumblr too, but the first that spring to mind are probably Lily Melrose and Wish Wish Wish.

Favourite blog reads 
What Olivia Did, Charlotte's Web, The Briar Rose, Lisette Loves, Hannah Maggs

Best blogging friend
Im awful when it comes to actually making proper friends, although I chat to lots of lovely bloggers via twitter. I've known Shabna and Philippa for a long time and Joyce has started blogging recently too.

Name a blog that enables your purchases
Definitely Gh0stparties for beauty related purchases, and definitely trust Jenny Purr for any blemish banishing products. Clothing wise definitely Jazmine from Jazzabelle's Diary.

5 blogs everyone should be reading 
Only 5? Love Cloth, The Dust On the Ground, Vivatramp, It's Cohen, Nouvelle Daily

Your favourite way to read blogs
I follow blogs via bloglovin' but I'm most likely to read a post when the link pops up on twitter.

Bloggers that inspire you
Tori is one of the loveliest bloggers I've come across and Lisette is incredibly inspiring with her Thankful Thursday posts and general positive attitude.

Favourite blog design/look
I'm a big fan of quite minimal looks (yet for some reason I chose to move away from all white?) so The Private Life of a Girl has to be up there. I also love A Rosie Outlook, such a pretty design. I can picture so many lovely ones in my head but can't think who they belong to now, as is the way.

What is your favourite thing about blogging?
I think there's a really lovely sense of community (for the most part). I also love getting a feel for people's personalities through their posts, which is probably why I enjoy reading chatty/lifestyle blogs the most. I also love to write, and blogging is a pretty open platform for that. Without my blog I wouldn't have had the opportunity to contribute to Nouvelle and, without Nouvelle, I probably wouldn't have got my internship.

Name a blogger you would most like to see write a book in the future
I'm not actually sure to be quite honest, though I'm sure one will come to me after this is actually published. Is it totally wrong to say myself. It's one thing I've always wanted to do, and I have so many ideas that I just never put into practice.