Beauty On Trial: Nars, Benefit & Soap and Glory

I've said before that, when it comes to beauty items (and pretty much the rest of my life), I'm a creature of habit. Yet, surprisingly, this past month I've welcomed a few new additions to my makeup bag. 

nars tinted moisturiser, benefit roller lash, soap and glory brow archery, 

Benefit Roller Lash. First up is Benefit's newest mascara offering. I'm on the fence with Benefit mascaras. I used to love Bad Gal back in the day, and managed to get through a couple of tubes of They're Real before deciding it was just too hard to remove. I'm not usually a fan of plastic brushes, but this one does live up to it's claims of creating super long lashes. One issue I'm having is that it seems to leave those annoying grey smudge marks just under my brow bone. Not a good look. 

Soap and Glory Brow Archery.  I've sworn by the Anastasia Brow Wiz for a good year now so, after hearing it was a good dupe I thought I'd give it a whirl. It only comes in two shades, so I was a little dubious. I opted for Blonde Shell and, whilst it's not quite the perfect match Anastasia offered, it's close enough. I also find that I'm having to press a little harder to get any colour payout, could be because it's new though? Other than that it's a pretty good dupe. Unfortunately for me, I still prefer the slightly pricier option. 

Nars Tinted Moisturiser. I actually bought this at the end of last year, it's just taken me until now to start using it regularly. I'm not usually one to opt for a tinted moisturiser but, after favouring a lighter base as of late, I thought I'd try it out. So far, so good. It's not one I'd pick for every day use, but for days when I don't want a lot of coverage it's really nice. I'll definitely be using this on good skin days.

Nars All Day Luminous Weightless Foundation I actually put my bottles of Sheer Glow to the back of the shelf last year, but as soon as I heard about a new Nars foundation offering, I had to try it out. Firstly, and most importantly, this one comes with a pump! I'll probably save this for a proper review once I've been using it for bit longer. So far though, I've noticed it loved to cling to dry patches. We'll see. 

Opinions on any of the aforementioned are welcomed on a postcard. Or the comments. Your choice.

Face Things - Lush & Jurlique

I'm usually a creature of habit when it comes to skincare, sticking to what I know through fear of causing a terrible breakout. However, in the past couple of months there have been two new additions to my bathroom shelf.

First up is Jurlique Soothing Foaming Cleanser. I heard about this via the skincare queen that is Kate, and thought it sounded right up my street. I tend to use this as my morning cleanser as it's not too heavy and leaves my skin feeling super soft. I've really been enjoying it, and I've even got into the habit of remembering to cleaner every morning. My only qualm - I love that word - is that the pump keeps getting stuck. I've managed to almost break it at least three times now, but maybe I just have a dodgy one.

The send new addition is Lush's Tea Tree Water. I'd been umming and ahhing over toners for a while, and just wasn't sure if I needed one in my routine. I had read a few good reviews of the Tea Tree Water, so I picked this up on one of my trips to Lush. 

I can't say that it has made a massive difference to my skin as of yet, but it certainly is fresh and feels so nice when applied. I'll spritz a little on after cleansing in the morning, and use again in the evening, sometimes with a cotton pad. I have blemish prone skin and I like to think that it's doing it some good, plus it smells to refreshing.

I'm thinking maybe I need to switch up my skin care little more often as I don't want to be missing out on any other gems. 

Hands On

In my line of work, ooer sounds dodgier than it really is, it's hard to have nice hands. The combination of hot coffee, boiling water, cleaning products and the never ending cycle of burns, means that my hands aren't usually looking their finest.

I can't stand bad cuticles and dry skin, and considering mine are always in this state, I spend a lot of my time scrubbing away to try and make them a little more presentable.

I recently 'borrowed' the No7 Revitalising Hand Saviour from my mum, and I must say, it really lives up to it's name! A combination of exfoliation and moisturising, simply rub this into dry hands, then rinse off with warm water. Super soft hands in seconds. I'll definitely picking one of these up for myself next time I have a No7 voucher lying around.

My go-to hand cream has to be Soap and Glory's Hand Food. I've been through so many of these, usually picking them up in a 3 for 2 offer. I always buy the travel size as they're easy to throw in your handbag, but I definitely need to pick up a full size for home.

When my cuticles are looking a little worse for wear (all the time) I use Essie's Apricot Cuticle Oil. I've not tried many, so it may not be the best, but it works for now.

Technically speaking, nail polish isn't allowed at my job. Gone are the days of fancy nail art and pretty colours. I tend to use Essie's Ballet Slippers for day-to-day wear, the perfect semi-transparent nude. I've got through so many bottles of this in the past couple of years.

I long for the day when I can work a job where I can sport bright nails and have happy hands.

The Forever Face - Eyes, Lips and Cheeks

Following on from my series of favourite 'forever' products, I thought I'd share my current go-to picks for eyes, lips and cheeks.

When it comes to mascara, I'm quite picky. I don't like massive clumpy brushes, but I also don't like those plastic 'comb' type ones either. After finding out my favourite No7 mascara was being discontinued I had to find a replacement. This came in the form of Lancome's Hypnose Doll Eyes Mascara. It's the perfect mascara for every day, doesn't leave your lashes looking too heavy and it doesn't leave any annoying smudge marks.

I have finally found a product that works with my super light brows. Everything I'd used prior to the Anastasia Perfect Brow Pencil had either been too dark or too red toned for my hair colour. I picked u the shade Blonde the other week and, whilst I'm not actually blonde, it seems to work really well with my colouring.

It's not often I'll branch out into eyeshadow. It's only recently I've even started wearing it. It's definitely not an everyday thing, but if I do opt for something it'll either be my Naked Basics or something simple from the Naked 3 palette.

Up until last summer I had never really delved into the world of blushes. I have a quite a pink complexion and didn't want to draw any attention to that fact. However, I've managed to find quite a few that work, my favourite being the Stila Convertible Colour in Lillium. It's the perfect peachy pink  and I use a very light hand when applying, so that it's only just noticeable.

Finally, lips. I tend to be very safe when it comes to picking lipsticks. Think pinky nudes and definitely nothing too bright. In recent weeks I've put down my favourite MAC Peach Blossom in favour of Korres Lip Butter in Quince. The wind has been making my lips horribly dry, so I needed something that offered some moisture as well as colour. I love this shade and as it's in lip balm form it's not too bright at all.

The 'Forever' Face - The Basics

When it comes to beauty products, I find it very easy to get set in my ways. Once I find something I like I tend to stick with it until I either, can't afford to re-purchase or I've, shockingly, discovered something new. It's probably why I'd never make a very good beauty blogger, I find it hard to let go of products.

I received a couple of new additions to my collection of every day favourites, and have pretty much stuck with this routine since Christmas.

As my skin is prone to breakouts, I'm always wary of trying out new foundations and moisturisers, always worrying my skin won't like them. Over winter my skin got a little flaky and dehydrated. I switched up my previous offering of Liz Earle Skin Repair Moisturiser for Normal/Combination Skin and opted for the Dry/Sensitive option instead. I really know how to try new things! 

My go-to base for the past 6 months or so has to be the Liz Earle Signature Foundation. I've raved about this before, so to save me doing so again, I'll link to said post. I apply this using the Sigma f80 brush, which blends like a dream! I tend to use this after the Laura Mercier Radiance Primer (not pictured because I'm silly). At first I didn't actually get on too well with the primer, but I think finding the perfect primer/foundation combo can really change things. 

Concealer wise, my By Terry Touchee Veloutee has seen me through almost 9 months of wear. It's nearing the end of it's lifespan and I'm still toying with whether I can afford to repurchase it. It's perfect for under the eye. I also like to use it along the bridge of my nose, as I find it almost works to highlight. The best concealer but it comes with a hefty price tag. For blemishes I've been using the Nars Creamy Concealer in Chantilly. Great consistency, not too cakey and an all round good one. 

Finally, after months of uhmming and ahhing, I received the Hourglass Ambient Lighting Powder in Diffused Light. It works really well as a setting powder, and I find it works to combat redness a little too. I sometimes switch this up and use the Bourjois Java Rice Powder, although the shimmer in the second does put me off sometimes. 

I should probably try out new things more often, but these products have been working really well the past few months. I was planning to include my 'forever' mascara, blush etc, but I feel like this post has got a little long, so expect that one coming up next.