This Week's Loves #8

This week has definitely been a million times better than the last. It also flew by really quickly, and right now I'm enjoying a very rare Saturday off work. I'm currently sat in my pyjamas, catching up on 90210 and longing to be Annie Wilson. 

Access All ASOS
My week started off pretty well when I received an email whilst at work from the lovely people at Access All ASOS. I was then super excited to get home and see if any post had arrived. The hand written notes - in gold gel pen, perfect! - were such a lovely touch and they really put some thought into it. If you've not heard what it's all about, go and have a read here.

Arctic Monkeys
It's no secret by now that I have slight problem when it comes to this band. I went to see them on Friday night in London and they were fantastic. Despite a very delayed coach on the way there and a massive rush to catch our coach home (we made it within 30 seconds) I had a lovely time.
 It's hard to put into words how much I adore them, and I feel a little silly when I gush on about them the amount that I do, but they make my heart do a happy dance every time I hear them. I saw them almost two years ago and they were just as amazing as the first time. I could harp on for ages about the set list, my favourite songs and how perfect their lyrics are, but I think I should leave it here.

Just a bit more Disney
This week I discovered Tesco are doing Disney princess bags for life. Naturally I had to pick one up, they're only 50p so I may have to go back and stock up on a few more.

Blog Love
This week's love goes out to Lizzie of The Dust On The Ground. Her outfit posts are always so beautiful and I've enjoyed reading her posts for quite some time now. Definitely one to check out!