Rabbits in Dresses

Coat - Topshop
iPhone Case- Iconemesis *

Another post, another dress. I first spotted this UO beauty over at Jazmine's blog and fell a little bit in love. I then went to have a look in store, but was put off a little by the price tag. Finally, after giving it a few more minutes thought, I caved and added it to my basket. It's the perfect A/W dress.

It's not really been cold enough for proper coats yet, so I decided to throw on my trusty Topshop jacket. I found this a few years ago in the sale, and it's been my go-to for Autumn every since.

Normally, I prefer to accessorise with a necklace or a nice bag, but today, I'm sporting something slightly different. You see, I have slight penchant for iPhone cases. When I first got my iPhone a couple of years ago, the first thing I did was head straight over to iconemesis and add the Gemma Correll Kitty Case to my basket. So, when the lovely people from said site contacted me to offer me a new case, I obviously couldn't say no. I almost opted for the canine counterpart to my cat case (enough alliteration there Fern?) but I decided to go for Fifi Lapin instead.

I tell you what, it's actually somewhat disheartening having a rabbit dress better than you.

* The lovely people over at iconemesis sent me this case for review. Regardless of this, I love the brand and would 100% recommend anyone purchasing from there!