52 Lists - Week 21

Another week and another 52 lists post, this week favourite songs. I always find having to make lists of favourites pretty difficult.

There's a multitude of songs that I love, but when actually faced with a pen and paper, my mind seems to draw a blank. There's so many more songs that I would class as favourites, but these are the ones that came to mind whilst writing this list.

I'm not usually picky with music. If I like a song, I like it regardless of the genre or how it sounds. Quite a few of my favourites happen to be Arctic Monkeys/Alex Turner songs, simply because I think their lyrics are wonderful. However, my list also features Taylor Swift, Frank Sinatra and even Wham! So you know, each to their own.

I'm really enjoying the 52 Lists project so far (despite missing a couple of week, oops). If any of you are participating I'd love to read your posts, so let me know in the comments.

52 Lists - Week 20

I find it hard to make goals on a daily basis, let alone for a whole season, but I thought I'd have a think nonetheless. Summer is a bit of a non-event in Britain, so I tried to make my goals very un weather orientated to avoid inevitable disappointment.

Top of my list (thought not literally on the top of my list) is to travel more. So far this year I've been to New York and Barcelona, two places I'd never been before. I hope to travel to more places, as let's face it, it's pretty fun.

Travelling goes hand in hand with another of my goals. Brave motorway driving. I'm a nervous driver, not because I can't drive but because I get paranoid about other drivers and me not knowing my way. I'm investing in a satnav and I've decided that I need to brave the motorway!

Other things include exercise (this has been on my list since forever but let's try), reading loads and spending more time on my blog.

What do you have planned for the summer?

52 Lists - Week 19

I've missed the past couple weeks of this due to being, a) Lazy and b) Busy, so for that I apologise.
Also, my printer broke which resulted in me having to write this in my notebook, which is actually a lot easier!

I found this week a little tricky. For someone who doesn't really know what they want themselves, it's hard to think about what I want others to remember about me. Having said that, I've always valued being a fundamentally good person. Everyone has their bad days, but it's always important to be kind and polite to those around you.

I don't want to go into a shop or restaurant and be known as the girl who is rude to the staff. Manners cost nothing and I know from experience that a pleasant and polite customer can really make someone's day.

I try my best to treat the people close to me the best I can, even if some times can be harder than others.

If and when I finally decide what I want to do and what I want out of life, I want to love what I do and put all I can into it.

This week's list actually made me think about myself a lot more than I anticipated. Are any of you taking part in this? I'd love to read your posts.

52 Lists - Week 16

So this week's list got me so excited. I'm constantly making lists of my favourite books, what I've read and what I still need to read, so this week was right up my street. As per usual though, my mind went blank when I got out a pen (and my new gold sharpie, just to make things fun).

I managed to compile a list of books I love, most from off the top of my head. This list would definitely be a lot longer, so I'm probably going to to go back and add to it over time.

I'm not sure I could really pick a favourite out of my list. Apart from the Harry Potter series, most of my favourites are what I suppose you could call 'chick lit' although I really really hate that term. In my eyes they're all fantastic books. I find it horrible when people make others feel silly because of their choice of book. They may not be incredibly intellectual, but they're good stories which have managed to make me laugh, cry and really think about things. If I enjoy a book, surely that's enough.

I'm funny with reading. I'll either sit down and manage to finish a book in a matter of days, or even hours, or find it a real struggle to actually sit down and read.

My 'to read' list is forever getting longer, those at the bottom are just the books I hope to read in the next month or so.

52 Lists - Week 15

This week turned out to be pretty tricky. I thought I had loads of quotes which I loved, but when it came down to thinking about them, my mind went blank.

The obvious ones from me came from A.A Milne. Winnie the Pooh knows how to speak to me apparently. After I took this photo I actually added a couple more (this time from Doctor Who, tenth Doctor to be precise).

I used to find 'inspirational quotes' a bit cheesy, but there certainly is truth in them, and some actually are 'inspirational'.

Just a short post today. I've had the urge to blog all week but I've felt so run down and tired I haven't got round to it. I've just woken up from the worst ever nap, after not having been able to keep my eyes open, and I now feel worse for it. Not entirely sure what's up.