Things from August

I'd like to say that August was a welcome break from the mad rush that was July. I'd give quite a lot to be able to say that, but it wasn't. It's as though I've accidentally sat on the remote, unintentionally set my brain to fast forward and have now lost said remote and can't set it back to normal speed.

With that in mind, and around four other posts waiting patiently in my drafts, I think I'll keep this one quick.



I moved into my new room in London, started to get settled, then found out I have to move again. I'm now in the process if finding somewhere new that I can move into the next two weeks. Who wants an easy life anyway? 

High School Musical 

Yes, you read that correctly. Way back at the start of the month (believe me, it feels like a lifetime ago now) I spent a Friday evening watching a screening of High School Musical at The Clapham Grand, with prosecco, popcorn and whole lot of singing. Thanks to Jazmine for organising and Michelle, Amber and Emily for being fantastic Wildcat company. 

Cursed Child

Almost a year after booking my tickets, I finally got to see Cursed Child. Whilst I wasn't completely blown away when reading the play, actually watching it was a whole different experience. Would 100% recommend.


My August weekends consisted of friends visiting, eating our way around London (hello all of the crepes), visiting the Design Museum, heading back home for the bank holiday, birthdays, and ice cream walks. 

I'm ready for a nap now.