Things from July

So I moved to London. Might as well start with the big news, right? 

Long story short I had a somewhat mentally draining June, full to the brim with being busy at work and interviews and rejections and hospital appointments and anxiety. I left my job at the end of the month, then three days later got offered a new one. 

In the space of a month I then went on holiday, found somewhere to live, started a new job, moved my life to London for four months, and spent most of it completely exhausted. 

But let's start at the begining.

Dodgy disposable shot of the Trevi Fountain

Dodgy disposable shot of the Trevi Fountain


The day after my 'congratulations new job news' I headed off to Rome armed with my best friend, my best SPF30 and my best attempt at packing light to date. Three dresses, a jumpsuit and two pairs of shoes. I've finally nailed it.

My first answer to everyone who has asked me how it was has been, "Hot." Because it was. Very. 

We did the expected and visited the Colosseum and the Roman Forum and looked at the hoards of people taking selfies by the Trevi Fountain.

We also ate a lot of pasta and a lot of pizza and I took a lot of questionable photos on my disposable camera.

I'm really glad to have visited (and also ticked a first trip to Italy off my list) and now I can't wait to get myself to some of the greener / coastal parts of Italy too. I'm thinking Amalfi Coast next year. 

Roman Forum ft. a hot and sweaty me and some fences in the background

Roman Forum ft. a hot and sweaty me and some fences in the background


I've developed a bit of a thing for gardens lately. Probably something to do with my new found appreciation of the outdoors, but also the fact that there's going to be a cafe and somewhere to get a cup of tea at least every 20 minutes. At the very start of July, Charlotte and I spent an impromptu afternoon walking around Compton Acres, before heading off to Kew a week later. 

What started off as a cloudy morning turned into a beautifully warm day, which meant that what started as perfectly unburnt skin (I managed not to burn for the entirety of my trip to Rome) turned into very pink shoulder by the end of the day, despite having re-applied my Hawaiian Tropic constantly. 

and the rest

Once I'd finished eating all of the pasta and wandering round botanical gardens, I thought it might be a good idea to find somewhere to live. So I did. And then I started my new job, moved up to London and spent all of the days since then missing my cat. I'm here for the next four months, and after that?  I have no idea.


I also signed up for Laura's writing summer course – Don't be a writer, be a storyteller. It's a six week course (currently on week four) and it's all kinds of educational and inspiring and challenging.