OOTD – February

I miss talking about clothes. Or I suppose what I mean is, I miss sharing what I've been wearing on the internet. I stopped because balancing your camera on a pile of books and taking a photo against your bedroom wall wasn't cool anymore. Blogging got big, photos got really professional and I didn't have a fancy photographer friend to take some for me. I decided if I couldn't do something well, I didn't want to do it at all, so I didn't. 

But I like clothes, and I want to talk about them. Yes, I may feel incredibly awkward in front of a camera in public, but I like to think I can put a half decent outfit together most of the time. So, whilst I was in Bristol last weekend, I roped Charlotte in to taking photos of my #ootd and in return she got to spend a weekend in my fantastic company. It was a good deal.

Photo 19-02-2017, 11 33 25 (1).jpg

When: 19th February 2017


Where: queen square, Bristol


What: post bill's breakfast with charlotte. PRE-Driving home and realising this dress is not made for two-hour car journeys.


Photos by Charlotte MacKay