Every so often I find myself scrolling back through the notes saved on my phone and thinking to myself, 'What on earth was I on about???'

For some reason, I thought it would be a nice idea to share some of them on the internet, so that everyone else can think the same thing. Enjoy.

26th June 2016 'Vote Leave' signs are basically the new Christmas lights up in January. You can take them down now, ok. 

26th April 2016 The Puppy's New Adventures

25th April 2016 I don't remember waking up for primary school apart from that Legoland trip

10th March 2016 This is a list featuring my favourite Taylor Swift songs, listed by album. I won't put the entire thing here, but also feel free to ask and I'll gladly tell you.

23rd January 2016 Onions. The man the myth the legend. 

25th December 2015 Prejudice. Im pretty sure I was checking the spelling of 'Prejudice' for a Christmas Day Scrabble game.

5th September 2015 Bread, Bagels, Cat food, Rich tea biscuits

4th February 2015 Two (I'm assuming) discount codes and a link to Glamour's Hottest men of 2014. Why not?

There are far more where these came from. Maybe I'll save them for another time.