Things from July

July seems to have both flown by and lasted forever in equal measures. Don't ask me how that works, I have no idea, it just feels that way.


We started off the month with a work trip to Manchester for the HEIST Awards (higher education marketing something something awards, I really don't know what it stands for...). Not only did we come away from the evening with three awards and a 'highly commended', it also meant I got to put on a pretty dress and get my make-up done. I'm not saying one was more fun than the other, but let's just say I spent way too much money at Charlotte Tilbury. It also marked my first proper trip 'up north'. Yes I know I am horrendously southern and I can only apologise for that.


Fast forward a week and I was spending my Wednesday evening probably the closest I'm ever going to get to Alex Turner. In other words, I went to see The Last Shadow Puppets and I would 100% recommend, if only for Alex's shiny gold shirt.


I also headed off to Santorini with my mum for a few much needed days of hiding in the shade and playing Scrabble. Santorini is beautiful. Santorini airport is the worst airpot experience I've ever had. 

In other July news:

  • I attended the lovely wedding of my friend & colleague Steph and her now husband Ben 💕
  • I took my first ever trip to Brownsea Island — despite having lived in Dorset for 17 years — thanks to Charlotte. She packed a picnic and also took the photo above. I contributed my fantastic company. 
  • We finished Issue 2 of OPOA Magazine. It's full of cool stories, photos and advice and, not that I'm biased or anything, you should definitely take a look.