Things from April

You know what? I really liked April. I kicked off the month with excessive listening to TSLP's new album (still haven't finished the excessive listening), a hair cut and a game of laser tag, which I didn't lose! The laser tag, not the hair cut. 

The Last Shadow Puppets


As of this moment, my favourite tracks on the album are Miracle AlignerEverything you've come to expect and The Dream Synposis. There will undoubtedly be more to follow though, because my favourite tracks have a habit of changing drastically the more I listen to an album. I'm now even more excited to see them in July. Even better, I only have to travel twenty minutes because, in some miraculous twist of fate, they're playing Bournemouth.

Views of London

April also meant that I got another ride on the Emirates cable car thanks to a work trip to London. I'm not entirely sure why I enjoy it so much, something to do with heights maybe? I weirdly quite like them. Either way, it was a definite improvement on November's windy, rainy ride over the Thames.


I feel like I visited a lot of restaurants in April. Most notably was The Skinny Kitchen, a new restaurant which opened up in Bournemouth. Don't be fooled by the name though. Whilst the menus might list a plethora of nutritional information, which actually means nothing to me, the portion size is pretty big. They also serve beetroot hummus which looks like ice cream. 

Fern Richardson and the trip to Warner Brothers Studio Tour – Part 3

It feels like only a few months back that I was writing about the Harry Potter Studio Tour and, well, that's because it was. This time I got to visit the studios with work colleagues. I even took it upon myself to ride a broom this time. As much as I adore Harry Potter, I think I may've reached my limit with three visits, and I probably won't be going back anytime soon. 

In other April news:

  • Cleo turned one and I used it as an excuse to post all the cat photos.
  • I saw Zootropolis. I was very impressed, especially with the not so underlying social commentary.
  • I also watched The Jungle Book and, despite my irrational fear of jungles/rainforest, I really enjoyed it.  
  • I feel like I finally made the time to sit down, read some blogs and watch some videos on youtube this month. I've really been enjoying style videos lately, most notably Olivia and Megan's, as well as Lily's April videos. 

It wasn't until condensing my whole month into one post, that I realised how much I managed to fit in to April. It might explain why I've been very tired, and am now sat in bed with a cold.