Things from March

Yes, we are into mid April now and this post is super late. In my defence though I spent the majority of last week avoiding technology due to really fun screen induced headaches. Good news, I now have new glasses, so hopefully no more headaches. 

March seemed to be quite a long month, one where I managed to get a lot done, yet I can't seem to pin point much of note. 

If I'm totally honest, I spent the first part of the month feeling quite down and really not myself. I wrote a lengthy post on the reason for my sadness, then deliberated on whether it was a good idea to publish it or not. I kind of didn't but also kind of did and it lives here.

The good news is that, a few weeks and a nice break over easter later, I'm feeling a lot happier. 

Good things about March included:

  • Picking up my new car – hello shiny new Fiat 500 this time with cream interior.
  • Extra long Easter weekend. I made my best looking cake to date, spent lots of time with my family and friends and a whole lot more time napping.
  • Thirteen. I decided to watch the entirety of this BBC series over the space of three days and I would 100% recommend. 
  • The Night Manager. Again. Watched all of this over Easter and, whilst it took me about two episodes to fully understand what was going on, I really enjoyed it.

I've got fun things planned over the next few months, which always seems to be the case once spring rolls around, so hopefully April's things will be a little more exciting.