Personal Style: The Crisis

Almost two years ago I wrote a post, filled with immense smugness, about how I'd finally figured out my personal style. Now, nearly two years on, it would seem that I'm struggling. I'm not sure if it's the annoying in-between seasons season we're currently in. Not quite warm enough for my SS wardrobe, but suddenly too nice to revert to jumpers and jeans all the time. 

In some sort of attempt to reclaim my personal style again I've recently taken to Polyvore, inspired by Sophie of Oh My Clumsy Heart's #OMCHSTYLE (which I will definitely be getting involved with soon). Logging back into Polyvore after so long is definitely bringing back all the 2009 feels, as well as some questionable outfit choices. 

I'd forgotten how great it was, not only for putting together outfits you'd never be able to afford, but also for styling up items you already own, as well as potential purchases. I've been using it to give myself some much needed inspiration for my Spring wardrobe. Below are a few of the sets I've put together from my Spring '16 collection.

I opted for picking out items I already own, then spending forever on my favourite past-time, browsing online, to find different ways of styling said items. Not only is it super fun, it's also a really good technique of working out what items you really need in your wardrobe. There seems to be a distinct colour palette going on here. Denim and warm dusty pink/red hues, which is actually a big step for me. Two-years ago I wouldn't have dreamed of wearing a red top. Just goes to show what a teeny tiny bit of stepping outside your comfort zone can do.  

I also had one of my bi-monthly clear outs over Easter which, as always, was super therapeutic. I charity bagged/ebayed/recycled anything that hadn't been worn in over a year, and I think I was pretty ruthless. There's something very calming about only having a wardrobe full of things you're definitely going to wear  – a feeling I'm really not used to. 

Long story short, I think I'm finally crawling my way out of my sad little 'I don't know what to wear' bubble, just in time for Spring!