Things from February

I tend to refer to February as a bit of a 'non-month', but I'll give this one some credit where it's due, as it's been a vast improvement on January.

Photo ©  Charlotte MacKay

The beginning of the month saw the launch of One Piece of Advice, our Alumni magazine at work. There was a launch party, it was pretty cool, the magazine isn't bad either. I mean it has some pretty cool interviews in there, plus it has that great 'I've just been printed' smell too.

This year marked my first Valentines as a single person which, for someone who was never a massive fan of the day anyway (apart from the time I got the Unicorn Pusheen), is actually considered a blessing. Instead, I spent my Valentines weekend with two of my favourite #InternetFriends — it was coincidentally #InternetFriendsDay ok — eating brunch at Bills and wandering round the Science museum. All in all a good day.

In other February news: 

  • I spent a lot of money on overpriced stationery, the above stapler (Quentin FYI) being a prime example.
  • I got my hair cut the shortest it's been since the 2002 bob disaster. See Instagram for photo evidence. 
  • I bought a new car. Which I'm probably going to save as a Thing From March because, despite putting down the deposit in February, it didn't come home with me until 1st March. 

We're now entering that part of the year where everyone and their dog stapler is wondering how the hell it's March already. I am one of those people. See you in April.