Things from October

Apparently it's November now. I didn't end up writing a Things from September, so the jump from August to now seems extra large and scary and 'where-has-the-time-gone'?

I spent the majority of October trying to prolong my #NoTightsClub membership, but I did also do some other things.

At the beginning of the month I spent an, albeit slightly rainy, day in Brighton. We ate a lot, and I met a nice cat. So all in all it was pretty good.

Charlotte, of Fox Socks fame, has recently created Blog Socks, a space to find new blogs to read. It's filled with interview with some of my old favourite (and new favourite) bloggers, and she was lovely enough to include me as well. You can read my interview here, and take a look at the entirety of Blog Socks here

Photo 27-10-2016, 20 26 04 (1).jpg

October was also the month that I fully embraced Instagram Stories. At first I was sceptical, but then? Then I realised that it was the perfect platform for showcasing my badly photographed #OOTDs. You see, I really really like clothes, but always struggle with style blogging. I'm so far out of the leagues of professional photography and perfectly staged shots, but I do love a good mirror photo. And so, Instagram Stories came into play. I can now share my outfits, without clogging up my somewhat nicely curated feed with dodgy photography. If you're interested in seeing what I wear everyday – and come on, who isn't?! – you can follow me @fernlzbth.

In other October news:

  • I went to Canvas Conference and visited Birmingham for the first time. 
  • I had afternoon tea on a bus. It was moving. Yes, I did spill my tea.
  • I saw Bastille, which reminded me how good they are live and how much I wouldn't mind marrying Bastille Dan...