Seasonal Staples: Winter

I'm a fickle one. I'll spend August longing for Autumn, for scarves and layers and the 'do I need a coat or will this jumper do it?' questions. Then November arrives and I decide it isn't cold enough, long for big coats and the temperature to drop enough so that I can at least wear my new gloves. Now I'm stuck on January. Two weeks ago I was dreading the arrival of new season Spring lines, vowing to always be layers lover. Yet now, I've found myself eyeing up the swimwear sections and picking out pieces that will look perfect sans tights – mustard shoes, I'm looking at you. No doubt May will roll around and I'll be wishing away the summer months so that I can start on the ankle boots again.

Regardless of my inability to accept the seasons for what they are, I've decided to share the items that have seen me through the season. 

All items should be linked below, where possible, to make-up for my lack to photo taking. There's just no winning with the dark evenings and the grey days.



Coats are probably my second most favourite winter item, surpassed only by ankle boots, but we'll move onto those later. My first pick is actually one from around two years ago, but it's still going strong. The blue and red checked ASOS number has succeeded in adding some much needed colour to my otherwise monochrome outfit choices for the past couple of years, and this year was no exception. My second choice is actually a new buy for this Winter. Yes, it may be grey like at least two of my other coats, but this one has a hood and, let's face it, everyone needs a good hood for an English winter. 


I'm always secretly really smug when the chillier weather rolls around and I can finally wear my favourite jumpers without breaking a sweat. My first favourite is actually the grey jumper pictured above. It's Zara, but I first came across it whilst in Barcelona. I loved it so much that I instead I must buy it there and then, just in case it wasn't stocked in the UK. Good news, it is, but you can never be too careful. It's also super soft. The kind of soft where I actually tell people to stroke my arms. They don't regret it afterwards.

I also bought a super cosy French Connection jumper back in September, and then waited impatiently for the temperature to actually drop enough to wear it. It's oversized, v-neck, and perfect for just throwing on when you can't be bothered, but still want to look at least ok. It was a little on the pricey side, but I can safely say I've managed to get my cost per wear right down! I could't seem to find the exact one online, but the grey version is linked below. 


I'm not a massive skirt wearer once it gets a bit colder, I tend to opt for jeans because easy and comfortable. The one skirt that has seen me through the winter months though, is my Zara A-Line skirt. It made it's way into my life during September, which will forever be known as the month I bought the whole of Zara. Bar my denim one, it's pretty much the only skirt I've worn all winter. It's also now £12.99 in the sale (XS only), but I'm ok with that because I've definitely worn it enough to not be bitter. 

When it comes to dresses, I've mainly been wearing my Mango jumper dress. It's pretty self explanatory. It's black. It's comfy. It's perfect for chucking on in the morning when I've stayed in bed too long to have time to eat breakfast, let alone put together some sort of outfit. 

Other than that, the ASOS dress pictured above has been a firm favourite. Who doesn't love a shirt dress?


I've left my favourites until last, because I'm sure there's some saying about that? This season I fell head over heels (see what I did there) in love with ankle boots. In particular, these Topshop boots. I can say without any trace of doubt, that these are the comfiest shoes I have ever owned. They're also super shiny, making them perfect for all that rainy weather we'v been having. No ruined suede for me! I wear them with everything, even things they might not quite got with, because comfy feet are a must.