Blogging: Getting Personal

I've grown up on the internet. Sharing my life online is something that comes naturally to me, and it's hard to imagine what my life would be like without it.


Before the days of blogging, in the more recent sense of the word, I'd spend hours scrolling through tumblr, putting off whatever homework it was I should have been doing. I would write long rambling posts on Livejournal which, if I looked back at now, would surely make my toes curl. I spent my evenings - and still do to this day - talking to girls from all over the world about life, friendships and the best place to buy Japanese stationery.

I started my blog back in 2011, the summer before I was due to start University, posting book reviews and badly shot images of my #OOTDs. I knew I liked to write, and blogging seemed the perfect place to talk about myself, without feeling as though I was pestering people to listen to me. I didn't know much about creating a following, I wasn't fussed about numbers and, if someone had told me so many people would forge successful careers out of blogging, I probably wouldn't have believed them. 

Over time, and with many thanks to Twitter, I slowly started to discover blogs that I wanted to read and found my way into amazing blogging communities. Year after year I've watched people I've followed from the beginning grow and succeed in so many ways, and it fills me with so much happiness for them. Whilst the internet is a big place filled with so many people, following someone's journey and learning about their life makes it seem that little bit smaller and so much more personal.

Which I suppose leads me onto my next point. They - whoever they are - say to write something you would like to read. I don't remember the last time I followed a new beauty blog, or spent hours scrolling through someone's fashion posts. I'm nosey. Yes those shoes may be fantastic, but I also want to know about the person behind the shoes. I want to know about that awful date you went on, or what TV show you're obsessing over this month. Tell me about your cat's sleeping habits (no really, please do) or that weird dream recurring dream featuring the badger in the waistcoat (no? just me?).

That's not to say that I don't still turn to my favourite beauty blogs to aid me in the quest for the perfect foundation, and I will surely keep taking inspiration from blogging's best dressed . I still want to share my outfits but, let's face it, my outfit photos are never going to be of the highest quality and I don't have someone to stand in all weathers photographing my latest purchase. I'll definitely still talk about that amazing dress or my new favourite shoes, I'd just like to talk more about myself and my life as well. After all, that's what I started out doing all those years ago. 

In light of the teen tiny shift in direction, I decided to have a little spruce up of the look of my blog. Nothing major, but I'm quite pleased with it. If anyone has any great recommendations of people I'd enjoy following, let me know. If they post about their pets, even better!