I'm Wearing: Rose Gold & Green

Often, I'll buy things to go with a certain item of clothing. I have tops I've bought to go with specific skirts, and shoes that I decided would go perfectly with a certain dress. Makes sense, I think. This dress, I bought because a vision suddenly came to me of it looking fantastic with my rose old necklace. Yes. I bought a dress to go with a piece of jewellery.

The good news is, it does actually look great with my rose gold necklace. And my rose gold rings. And of course, this rose gold hanger (Primark you've done me proud). The even better news? I actually quite like the dress with other things too. 

Yes when I wear it with my black boots I do feel slightly elf like, but I think that, providing I put it away in the month of December, me and this dress are going to get along just fine.