Things from January

I know we shouldn't be wishing away time, but wow am I glad to see the back of January. It definitely felt as though it dragged on for far longer than really necessary - and no, not just because payday seemed so far away. 

Harry Potter

I spent my first day of 2016 channelling my Hufflepuff tendencies and perusing the wonder that is the Harry Potter Studio Tour. It was my second visit since it first opened back in 2012, and I'm already planning a third. I very nearly came away with an Umbridge Cat Teacup. I didn't and I'm already regretting my sensible decision. 

Amazing TV Shows

If there's one thing this month was good for, it was catching up with some fantastic TV shows. 

First up, I made use of Amazon Prime, and started watching Red Oaks. It stars Craig Roberts, a.k.a Submarine's Oliver Tate, a.k.a that vampire from Being Human, a.k.a Rio Wellard from Tracey Beaker. It was really enjoyable for some light watching, especially as the episodes are only half an hour, a nice break from my usual hour-long Suits/PLL/How to Get Away With Murder marathons.

Another offering from Amazon Prime was The Man in the High Castle. Without giving too much away, it's essentially about an alternative universe in which the Nazis won the war. If you want to watch a show that makes you feel sorry for a Nazi solider, and then really question how good of a person you really are, this is the one. 

Because I'm forever late to the party - no really, I'll always show up an hour late so I don't turn up alone - I thought now was a good time to join the Doctor Foster train. Whilst I'm definitely questioning my decision to wait until now to watch it, it did mean that I didn't have to wait a whole week for the next episode, so good idea on my part really. 

And finally. PLL made a comeback. I'm still adjusting to the 5 year time jump and all the changes, not sure how I feel about it all yet. 

I can already hazard a guess that next month will probably be filled with TV shows too. The return of Suits and How to Get Away With Murder all in one month, I can't wait!