Know your boobs?

This might be a slightly different post to my usual photos of cats, striped tops and monthly roundups, but regardless, it's an important one, so here goes.

ASOS x Coppa Feel

ASOS have recently teamed up with Coppa Feel as part of their #BraHijack campaign. Essentially, their aim is to encourage women to start checking their boobs for signs of breast cancer, in order to stamp out late and mis-diagnosis of breast cancer. It's as simple as that really.

I was pretty keen to get involved with this as, a lot of the time, you're told you should check your boobs, but not really told what you should be checking for. Luckily, Coppa Feel have put together these really handy Boob Check cards, listing everything you should be looking out for!

It takes no time at all to check. The sooner you start doing it, the sooner you can figure out what feels 'normal' for you, meaning it'll be easier to spot if there are any changes. I vote for checking in the shower, and not just because ASOS sent me some super sweet peachy shower gel, complete with handy boob check guide on the back.

Coppa Feel have even hijacked all the ASOS brand bras, by adding boob check reminder labels in. If that's not a good enough daily reminder to check your boobs AND treat yourself to new underwear, I'm not sure what is.

There's tonnes of handy information over on the Coppa Feel website. Now I'm off to spend my morning browsing ASOS bras.