When you wish upon a star...

At the beginning of May, I was lucky enough to get to spend my 22nd birthday in my favourite place with some of my favourite people. Whilst it might sound a little cliché, Disneyland is one of the places I'm at my happiest. I love how for the few days you're there, there's nothing more to think about than what ride you'll be queuing for next, what time the parade starts, and pondering over whether you really need another Disney mug. Answer? Always yes. 

Disneyland Polaroid
Disneyland Polaroid
Disneyland Polaroids

I didn't end up taking too many SLR photos this year, as I already have so many from my trip a couple of years back. I did manage to make fantastic use of the Instax Mini Polaroid I got for Christmas, and I'm really pleased with some of the photos. It's so nice to have little keepsakes of the trip. I now just need to figure out how I want to to display them all.

I also took quite a few video clips, and ended up putting them all together into a birthday themed video. I probably shouldn't be using the music in it, although I don't have ads on any of my videos, so I'm risking it for now. Sorry Taylor, I just couldn't resist.