Details: Needle & Thread

A few months and far too many ASOS orders ago, I welcomed this gorgeous Needle & Thread combo into my life. I like to refer to it as my 'the princess outfit'. Last Sunday the princess outfit finally got it's big outing to my step-sister's wedding.

needle & thread embroidered top
Skirt & Top: Both  Needle & Thread via ASOS

Skirt & Top: Both Needle & Thread via ASOS

As soon as I saw the skirt, I knew it was the one. Tulle, midi, perfect for spinning round in. AKA my dream skirt. I'm also planning on taking it with me when I head off to Disneyland for my birthday. Maybe a little OTT but perfect for opportune twirling around the castle. It just so happened that the top was styled with it, which made my decision all the more easier. The shoes are also ASOS and, once I'd worn them in a little, were comfy enough. 

I didn't actually take many photos at the wedding (was clearly far too busy drinking a few too many cosmopolitans) so if you fancy seeing the outfit on, here's an Instagram photo.