The Joys (or lack thereof) of Joblessness

We're heading into March with great speed which, to me, means I'm headed towards yet another pay day I don't get to be part of. When I left my internship back in December, I knew it'd be tough finding another job. I went into it with my eyes fully open. Yet nearing on three months of joblessness is driving me a tiny bit insane. The other day I read '15 things that happen when you've been job hunting for WAY too long' and found myself regrettably nodding along to all of it. So here's my version of what joblessness is really like. 

It really hit home the other day when I received a letter from Student Finance (I thought my days of dealing with them were over) asking me to confirm my employment status. There's nothing like having to tick the 'I am unemployed' box to make you feel a little useless. 

I've found myself constantly checking my phone for good news. Obsessing over emails and super disheartened when I'm greeted with the little red notification, only for it to be Topshop telling me to 'Do the New Denim'. Any other day Topshop, but now is just not the time!

What are people supposed to do with their spare time. I can't use it to travel anywhere, because what if I get an interview? Not to mention the complete lack of funds. I vowed I'd use my spare time to take up some exercise. I'm sure we can all guess how well that one went down. Even Netflix binges are out of the question as I stupidly started watching both Suits and Scandal with Dad, and can't possibly watch an episode without him now. 

I've developed a blossoming relationship with the ASOS 'New In' section and my Saved Items. I'm building up quite the selection of things I'm promising myself just as soon as I've found a job. 

It's not all bad, every cloud and all that, I have found a few teeny tiny perks. Dare I say, I'm actually starting to enjoy interviews a little bit. Maybe because it's my one chance to get out the house and have a nice chat with people, but I actually feel myself growing in confidence after each interview. Even the not so good ones. 

I'm also pleased to call myself an above average baker now, what with all the spare time to eat cake. I've got my cookies down to a tee and I honestly think my scones are great. Now someone just hire me so I can bring delicious baked good in every week.

I may joke, but in all honestly I do realise that I don't have it that bad. I'm lucky enough to live at home with no outgoings, and an amazingly supportive family. I might not be able to treat myself to weekly ASOS orders anymore, but I can still rely on my savings and a little help from my mum to get me by. A job would still be nice though.