Things from 2015

So Christmas is over, and I like to think I've done a pretty good job of keeping my annual post Christmas blues at bay. I have however reached the state of Christmas/NYE limbo where I'm starting to ask questions. Questions such as:

"But how was Christmas Eve six days ago? I don't understand?"

"When do my meals need to stop consisting of mostly cheese?"

and everyone's favourite "What day is it again?"

I thought now might be as good a time as any to take a look back on my year. Mainly because it was either that or put on some clothes and do something with my day, and I'm not really ready for that yet.

On New Years Eve of 2014, amidst spending it alone in my pyjamas watching Harry Potter (Goblet of Fire, FYI), I wrote myself a letter, not to be opened until the end of 2015.

Brighton, Disneyland Polaroids, Turning 22 with more mugs

Brighton, Disneyland Polaroids, Turning 22 with more mugs

You'll be pleased to know that 12 months have passed and, in true Fern style, I have no idea what I've done with said letter. Instead, we'll just have to make do with a generic year in review style post. I opted for a throwback to those Instagram round-up posts, mainly because I was absolutely awful at taking any proper photos this year, but scrolling back through my feed also served as a good reminder as to what I got up to this year.

After attending countless interviews (really, I can't remember how many) I managed to find myself a job, probably one of the best things to happen to me this year. I don't think I've ever actually mentioned where I work on here, but I work within the Marketing team at an arts university. 

At the beginning of April I watched my step-sister get married, drank far too many cosmopolitans and danced incredibly enthusiastically to Taylor Swift. 

In May I headed off to Disneyland and turned 22 in my favourite place, accompanied by my favourite people, surrounded by all of the magic. A rabbit also smashed my phone, but that's probably a story for another time.

Kitten Cleo, McBusted at Portsmouth Live, Rapunzel for the day

Kitten Cleo, McBusted at Portsmouth Live, Rapunzel for the day

At the end of June all my feline related dreams came true when Cleo finally came into my life. I can't quite comprehend how she's been around for 6 moths now, she's got so big! Although I feel like the less said about her the better, as I'm pretty sure I bore people 99% of the time with my incessant cat talk. 

The summer was a strange one. I've never really been a fan of summer months anyway. I find that they fly past a bit too quickly, with no real sense of structure. I did see McBusted for the second time this year in July. They never fail to put a massive smile on my face so, of course, the November news of Busted's reunion was one of the best things to happen all year. 

August wasn't a great one, as I said goodbye to a five-and-a-half year relationship which, you know, is never fun. I did get to dress up as Rapunzel for my friend's Disney themed birthday, which was the most fun I've had getting ready ever. Swings and roundabouts I suppose.

Park Güell in Barcelona, Festive work fun, Christmas 2015

Park Güell in Barcelona, Festive work fun, Christmas 2015

I'm not entirely sure where the latter part of this year went if I'm honest. In October I spent a few days in Barcelona with my best friends, which was a well-timed break. November seemed to pass by in a flash, and now we're back round to December. I feel as though I truly enjoyed Christmas this year, although the cabin fever is starting to set in, and I'm about ready to head back to work and face 2016 now.

I'm never usually one for resolutions and the like, but I am looking forward to the year ahead. I'm hoping for a bit of a blog re-vamp at the beginning of the year. I'm currently debating whether to move to Wordpress or stay with Squarespace, so any advice on that would be greatly appreciated. 2016 is also bringing the wedding of a good friend of mine (and a great excuse to buy a new dress), and I'm really hoping to fit in a nice, warm, book reading holiday at some point as well.

I'm planning on spending my New Year's Eve heading out for an early dinner with friends, before heading home and deliberating over which Harry Potter film to watch this year. I'm leaning towards Order of the Phoenix.