Festive Dressing: Christmas Day

I like Christmas. Like, I really really like Christmas. I also really really like buying clothes. So put the two together and you can bet I may have gone a bit over board this year with the festive outfits. All in the name of Christmas, obviously. 

Shoes - ASOS (last season), Bag - Whistles Rivington Clutch

Shoes - ASOS (last season), Bag - Whistles Rivington Clutch

Dress -  ASOS , Bag - Whistles, Shoes - ASOS

Dress - ASOS, Bag - Whistles, Shoes - ASOS

This year, for the first time ever, I'm heading out for Christmas dinner. I'm not usually one to break tradition, but I'm actually kind of excited to do something a little different. 

There seems to be two camps of people when it comes to dressing for Christmas day, those who spend the entire day in pyjamas and those who get dressed up. I've spent my life firmly in camp two (the only day of the year I'd rather be in real clothes than pyjamas) so having an actual excuse to dress up this year, well, it's fantastic. 

I've tried on this ASOS dress countless times since it arrived on my doorstep back in November. It' the perfect balance of slightly dressy, but not too fancy, whilst also being appropriately festive. Not to mention the swishy skirt is perfect for hiding all the food babies that will surely be making and appearance.