Things from October

October was definitely an improvement on my previous two months. Mainly because, you know, Autumn. Everyone loves Autumn. It's a fact*.


At the beginning of the month I headed of to Barcelona for a much needed break with my two best friends. After a slightly annoying three hour delay, we spent two days being tourists, taking photos and eating lots of food. I even managed to bring back even more of Zara (if that was even possible). We also had burgers at a vegan place called Cat Bar. There were cats on the walls. It was fantastic. 

I think I then spent the rest of the month complaining that it wasn't cold enough. I had new jumpers. They needed wearing. Ok.

Then suddenly Halloween rolled around. I dressed up as a Tim Burton's Corpse Bride. Sadly there aren't any decent photos. It turns out combining five glasses of punch with an empty stomach does not lead to great photo opportunities. It does however lead to fantastic singing/dancing along to Robbie William's Angels.

*Facts based on the opinion of myself and the majority of Instagram